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SF Intro


SmartFrog is a powerful and flexible Java-based software framework for configuring, deploying and managing distributed software systems.

SmartFrog helps you to encapsulate and manage systems so they are easy to configure and reconfigure, and so that that they can be automatically installed, started and shut down. It provides orchestration capabilities so that subsystems can be started (and stopped) in the right order. It also helps you to detect and recover from failures.

Such systems typically have multiple software components running across a network of computing resources, where the components must work together to deliver the functionality of the system as a whole. It's critical that the right components are running in the right places, that the components are individually and collectively correctly configured, and that they are correctly combined to create the complete system. This profile fits many of the services and applications that run on today's computing infrastructures.

SmartFrog consists of:

  • A Language for defining configurations, providing powerful system modelling capabilities and an expressive notation for describing system configurations
  • A secure, distributed Runtime System for deploying software components and managing running software systems
  • A Library of SmartFrog Components that implement the SmartFrog component model and provide a wide range of services and functionality


SmartFrog stands for Smart Framework for Object Groups. It's developed and maintained by a research team in HP Labs in Bristol, England - Hewlett-Packard's European Research Labs - with contributions from other SmartFrog users and developers outside HP. It's used in HP's research on infrastructure automation and service automation, as well as being used in certain HP products.

Open Source Licence

SmartFrog is released as open source software to encourage people to use it for their own deployment scenarios and to share their experiences. We also encourage contributions to the growing library of reusable SmartFrog components.

We use the LGPL licence, meaning that SmartFrog can be used for commercial purposes, and that entirely proprietary SmartFrog components may be created. However, the licence requires that any changes to the SmartFrog core system, or the components in the public SmartFrog component library, must be contributed back to open source if they are to be distributed.

If you would like to contribute to SmartFrog development, please get in touch.

Learning More

The More Details section provides information about the SmartFrog Language, the Component Model, the Runtine Engine and a growing list of other topics.

For an in-depth introduction, there is a comprehensive SmartFrog Reference Manual.

Getting Started

The Getting Started section offers ideas about how to get going with SmartFrog. The SmartFrog Tutorial (PDF) also provides a good introduction to the system.

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